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The KPA was created by a group military veterans while serving the global mission to stop human and specifically child trafficking. Today the KPA is focused in the United States helping educate and bring awareness to parents, schools, law enforcement, and government. Communities can and have eradicated these crimes through education, awareness, proactive monitoring, legislation, and the proper tools. We can help!

​Our KPA rescue team continue to operate globally. We partner with law enforcement and assist with rescuing victims and finding the criminals. In some situations we will perform the rescue ourselves. This is a specially trained team and we do not accept everyone who asks to volunteer on our rescue team. 


Through the efforts of volunteers and donations KPA is able to provide exceptional learning programs for parents and schools. We teach parents and educators how to identify victims, potential threats, how to stop threats, cyber crimes, and victim rehabilitation. KPA enables communities with the tools they need to attack these crimes and keep the criminals out. 

Thank you for learning about KPA and our mission. For more information or to volunteer contact us. 

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